Half Man Half Rabbit Hybrid Discovered In Haiti Better Be Fake!

Let’s all hope that the half man half rabbit hybrid image going around the internet is as a fake as it sounds. The image which has been circulating the web is a photo touted to be a half-rabbit, half-human clone “discovered in Haiti.”

Take a look at the photo and decide for yourself whether or not it is indeed photoshopped.

rabbithybridPurported half-rabbit half-human clone.
Photo: poppasunshine

About a year ago, a Twitter user claimed, “A half rabbit, half human clone found in Haiti. It was made with genetic material from both mammals.”

Our take on this photo is it must be fake.

Are we wrong about this Haiti half-rabbit-half-human clone being fake? Comment below with your proof!

Haiti Half-Rabbit Half-Human Clone Is Real Fake.