Top 10 Surprise Endings – Diver Kills Great White Shark # 10

Top 10 Surprise Ending #10



You know those fish tales? Yeah, sure you do, all fishermen have atleast one, about the one that got away. Well for one tuna fishermen, South Australian tuna diver, Dean Stefanek, 38, he dived into the water to recover his.

Although, he said he regrets having to kill the massive White shark, he said he felt it was either the shark, or him. In the article below he told how he volunteered to jump into a tuna pen to try to kill the injured shark. Somebody had to do it, no one else was too keen, so I went in, Stefanek, said.

Image from Joyreactor.

WOW!! Surprise Ending! #10


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  • Marcos Herasme

    Why he kill it? What did this shark to him? Are we getting real nuts killing everything that scare us.

    • The Person who was right

      It was wounded, so he had to. Didn’t you even read the article?

      • Rex Remes

        It was wounded by the fishermen.

        • Alison Hickman

          No it was wounded from eating the net to get inside to the dead tuna and it was imposible to get the shark that was attacking and thrashing around stuck in a tuna net out so they tried to kill it instead of let it suffer

          • Rex Remes

            ” … decision to kill it was made and some blokes shot it.”

            It was injured by gunshots.

    • doctorsmith

      So many doo-gooders have lost their mind over this article. The Great White shark is hardly in danger of extinction. They are seen in record numbers all over the world lately and especially in Australian waters where they have killed and eaten 18 people since 2005 and routinely attack swimmers and surfers. I would like to see some of you folks facing off an 18 foot shark with several sets of razor sharp teeth.

      • Bel

        Sorry, who has been EATEN in Australia? There have been a few exploratory bites, but noone has been eaten. They don’t “rountinely attack swimmers and surfers”. I am Australian, and a diver, and I’ve never felt threatened by any shark I’ve been with in the water, most of the time they take off as soon as you’ve seen them. One incident was a guy illegally spearfishing on scuba in a no-take zone, and he had his catch bag full of dead and dying fish attached at his waist, which was exactly where he was bitten…and you wanna blame the shark being attracted to that?
        A number of experts are actually positing that it is bull sharks that attack more than GW’s, and that people saying GW is because of the hysteria that the media plays up.
        At any rate, what makes us humans think we have the right to just kill whatever we want?

        • doctorsmith

          Bel, glad you’ve never felt threatened by sharks, maybe you’ve never had a white pointer come at you. But you need to go to the statistics. Sorry to break the news to you that sharks are predatory and yes they kill and eat all sorts of living creatures including humans. I listed the killings not the maulings that you describe. I also go diving but at least I’m not in denial!

          • Bel

            I am well aware that sharks are predatory, and yes people have died in Aus from being bitten, but not from being EATEN. The sharks generally has a test bite, but as they don’t particularly like the taste of people that’s it. Sadly the person is usually to far from adequate medical help at the time and they die from blood loss, not in fact from being EATEN. Of the people who have died, many of the witnesses are not sure what kind of shark so they immediately conclude it must have been a GW, where it could also have been a tiger or bull…
            There are also a few where there were no witnesses, and someone just disappeared…how is that proof a GW took them??? A lot of the time there is no proof what species was involved.
            I’m not in denial, I accept every time I go in the ocean that there is a risk, but I’m not going to jump on the media bandwagon and buy into the hysteria that they continue to perpetrate. From the coverage any kind of shark interaction or sighting gets, particularly in WA, most in the media still seem to think Jaws is coming for us all.

          • Paul

            Sorry Bel Your Wrong I know of Four people from my town in SA that have been EATEN gone vanished no body to recover in front of peoples eyes no mistaken identity there. One diver EATEN by Two sharks, I dont agree with killing them we are the intruders, and this article is so wrong the net should have been cut not the shark, company looking after themselves.

          • AE

            Thats because when humans are eaten, there is NOTHING left. Duh ! Like the Prime Minister, Harold Holt. Thats why its called ‘Taken’.

          • Blackmagicwoman

            Well I hope your ass gets ripped off on your next dive. Then you will have a reason to be full of sh!t !!

      • Rich Pannell

        There are ca. 100 shark attacks on humans annually, with 17 deaths in 2011. This is compared to 100 million sharks killed annually, or 11,000 a day. That’s a disgusting figure, and it’s because of amateur fishermen and general idiots like these people

        • Adam Ashworth

          you stupid there isnt even 100 million sharks in the water. there are only 3,500 Great white sharks left and other species are in a huge decline, yes because of hunting. But making up figures like that just makes a real problem laughable

  • jdude


    • Warren

      “The shark had detected some dead fish” hence the net was empty

      • jdude


        • Warren

          Dude, seriously? The net was empty, there was a couple of dead fish.
          Note the word… COUPLE

          • jdude

            who said there wasn’t live fish in there too… the shark detected a couple dead ones in the net because sharks detect the dead ones ezier…

          • Kharchy

            U guys can b stupid atimes…why wish d man dead instead?…what if it were you in his case?

    • Marina

      You would cut it and let the fish go if you were even a remotely decent human being who understood the significance of saving an endangered species! Better to kill one of last magnificent Great White Sharks in the world than lose a few tuna? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

      • David

        Are you really that daft? Endangered? Their numbers, particularly around South Africa (where I live) and Australia (where I spent my first 25yrs) are on the increase. They declined for a while, but ‘one of the last magnificent Great White Sharks’….not quite…..
        As for loosing a ‘few tuna’, um a 45m Tuna Farm net would hold houndreds of thousands of dollars worth of tuna. Not to mention that when farmed fish escape farms and breed with the local ‘wild’ fish, it can weaken the gene pool to the extend that local populations CAN become really EXTINCT! So, cutting the net would not only loose a company a huge amount of money and cost the cutter their job, but could also lead to the premature deaths of nearly an entire generation of wild tuna, crushing the chances of smaller drag net or line fishermen being able to stay in business, who knows, this could in turn lead to families or perhaps even villages of people starving….killing the shark was DEFINITELY the right reason, the guy showed remorse about having to do it, but hey, that’s life. If a deadly snake moved into your house and your option was move out or kill it, what would you do? Idiot. Do some thinking before you jump on the greeny band wagon.
        PS: I’m 100% against the killing of innocent animals for no reason, but when theres a pretty decent reason, well thats when we must use the exceptional ability of our brains to make the ‘right’ decision…….

        • Adam Ashworth

          there are only under 3,500 Great White sharks left in the water. A large number of those travel through the water you were talking about making it seem there are more than there actually are as probably the worlds population of GW go through there at some point as they hunt the seals that mate there when the seals go out to hunt in the deeper waters and try again to catch them as they are returning.

    • fedupwithitall

      because there are millions of dollars of tuna in the pen idiot

      they work for the employer in case you dont know basic economics… its bad business to lose the stock

      if a wolf got into your sheep pen you dont open the gates and shoo them all out, you kill the wolf

  • Bad4Good

    I wish the shark had won.

    • no


  • Bianca Fernandez

    The wrong animal died

    • Warren

      The wrong animal always loses. If it wasn’t shot at and wounded, I would have liked to have seen Mr. Hero wrestle the shark then.

  • Warren

    Wow, what fucking heroes, stupid twats! Instead of trying to free it, its always easier to kill something. Too much of a big job to help something. That is humans for you I suppose

  • Scousepopo

    You can kill or be killed, whats your problem ???

    • kittendelight

      Actually this wasn’t a case of kill or be killed. Frankly, this story is pathetic. I clicked on it thinking it was self defense! He volunteered to dive in to shoot it in the head after some men shot it. They could have cut the net; far easier to replace than an animal. And kinder

      • Martin PN

        Do you realize how difficult it is to cut the net? Can you imagine yourself diving close to the distressed shark and cut through the net? it’s very risky trying to let the shark go without being killed. It is kill or be killed situation. He said he didnt want to kill the shark, he just had to

        • kittendelight

          I still don’t buy it. They had to shoot it many times to kill it, surely there was a better alternative

        • Marina

          That ass entered the net and already put himself at high risk by trying to kill the animal. So if he was willing to get close enough to finish the poor thing off, then he should have been willing to try and free it! This is a pathetic excuse for a guy who clearly WANTED to kill a Great White Shark as a trophy kill. Or you know what – call a marine biologist to come and free the shark if you don’t want to. But shooting down an endangered species in the prime of his life is just despicable. NO excuse whatsoever for what he did.

          • Alison Hickman

            So r u going to pay for someone to come out and rescue it cause nothing is free these days oh and r u willing to just sit by and watch it suffer thrashing around trying to wait for it to be let free oh and for the record if u had read it properly the shark ate its way in through the bottom of the net so i doubt it was anything to do with losing the damn net that was already use less god some ppl r just quick to judge but not read the facts or even think how they would cope in the sittuation before having their say

          • Jason

            People like you are just TRYING too hard to look humane, loving animals, not wanting to kill anything never ever, blah blah blah…thats bullsh*t! Sometimes you have to even if u dont want. Thats life. Get off your high horse and stop judging people, miss i am the most moral person in the world.

          • Jason

            And you do realise you are speaking b*ll*cks right? There was no way to go free it. You cant just go in the water close to the net with the dangerous shark and cut it open. Compared to the firing of one quick bullet, how long do u think it takes to cut the net open big enough for the shark to exit freely, huh? What do u think? The shark will just sit inside, sip some tea and wait patiently while you cut the net, hmm? And once you cut it, how do you make it go? Do you think its like your dog and you can whistle and call his name and he will obey? sharky! sharky! you can come out now!!! haha. Thats ridiculous!!!

          • Marina

            Jason – Did you even READ the article or any of the details surrounding the killing? Because what you’re saying indicates that you didn’t pay attention to what actually happened. You said, “You cant just go in the water close to the net with the dangerous shark and cut it open.” Well, actually you can, and this idiot DID not ONLY go in the water close to the net, but actually even went INSIDE the net with the shark to kill it! So again, my point was that if he was willing to go INSIDE the net with a great white shark only feet away, then it would have been just as easy, if not easier, to stay OUTSIDE the net and cut it wide open. You also said, “Compared to the firing of one quick bullet, how long do u think it takes
            to cut the net open big enough for the shark to exit freely, huh?” Well, again, did you not read the article? One quick bullet is hardly what was required. First, some unthinking worker shot the shark from outside the net, but the shark didn’t die. Then the other guy actually states that he went inside the net to finish the poor thing off. He shoots AGAIN, but the shark still isn’t dead. Clearly in agony, the animal starts getting aggressive defending himself (as anyone would) and goes to attack the shooter. The guy SHOOTS HIM ANOTHER EIGHT TIMES! The shark STILL isn’t dead. Can you imagine the terror and pain? The irony is that in the end the animal didn’t die of the gunshots. They tied a rope around its tail and winched it up onto the boat while it was injured but still alive. So all of this clearly proves that not only was it incredibly stupid for the guy to think he could kill it with one bullet, but he actually put himself at MORE risk by getting into the net with an injured shark who is obviously going to try and defend himself. Again, my point was that in the time that it took to go in the water, shoot this animal 10 times, go inside the net and tie a rope around it and drag it out, the guy could have simply gone in the water OUTSIDE the net and cut it wide open for the animal to escape when it was ready. There was less chance of the shark attacking this way, than what he did (an injured animal is far more dangerous, as was proven in this case), and in the end the animal would not have had to have died FOR NO REASON other than stupidity and carelessness. In response to you saying, “And once you cut it, how do you make it go? Do you think its like your
            dog and you can whistle and call his name and he will obey?” Well, duh, obviously not. The point is that once a large enough exit hole would have been cut, the shark would have eventually left on his own – do you think it would have just wanted to hang out in the net all day if it had a clear escape route? Obviously not. If you read the details of the news article, perhaps you will rethink your position about this incident. This was an unnecessary, senseless killing of an innocent endangered animal who’s only mistake was to enter some morally bankrupt moron’s fishing net. Very sad it cost him his life.

  • Verga

    Fucking idiot. Go fuck yourself Deano. “Feat”… fuck you. Please go extinct now, you fucking cunt.

    • Victor

      THAT is very constructive comment!

  • River P

    They wound the shark then kill it because it’s wounded???? What about cutting open the net?

  • Cathy Crawley

    Oh I see, it ‘had to die’. Is that because it was in nets with profitable fish and the thought of cutting the net open was not preferable to say, killing an endangered species? This excuse is rubbish. This shark did not have to die. Ashamed to be human and particularly Australian at this moment.

    • Andy

      The economic choice of killing the shark was made by his Mexican employers. Sadly though, regardless of where it occurred and the nationality the decision would always be the same. If everyone stopped being so precious and got away from this mob mentality of crusading against injustice ask yourselves how much have you donated recently or done work towards protection of endangered species?

      • Marina

        I can’t speak for others here, but actually, saving endangered species is my greatest passion and I donate a huge amount to various causes every year. Next month I am going to Costa Rica to volunteer to help endangered turtle newborns make their way to the ocean. And next year I am starting my Masters of Science in Wildlife Biology. But even if none of these people commenting have donated recently it does not devalue any of their comments whatsoever. Their point is that it doesn’t take a genius to know that the shark should not have been killed and that they took the easy but most brutal, unethical option. People have the right to speak up against injustices and should – it has nothing to do with how much they have or haven’t donated to a wildlife cause.

        • fedupwithitall

          sharks eat turtles

      • Cathy Crawley

        I donate every month, and have done so for 3 years to WWF because I am passionate about animals. I also donate monthly to the Cancer Council.

        • Bowie

          Good for you. That is very admirable indeed. I make regular contributions too, for organizations I feel are making a difference as well as giving up personal time of my own.

          It is a fact that the dollar is the bottom line when decisions are made. There are boundaries to what is acceptable and what is not. We may not like what the diver did but he’s got a job to do and calling him barbaric for doing what he did is a naive point of view. Would you deny him feeding and sheltering his family and children? Saying you’re ashamed to be Australian because of this is extreme, though your passion for preservation of endangered animals isn’t a bad thing to have. Hence, keep up the good things you’re doing which can help offset some off the harsher points of reality that we have to live with and compromise in our modern society.

          I don’t like what the diver did as much as anyone. I feel sorry a noble creature and apex predator was killed for doing what nature has designed it to do. But equally I can’t hate the diver or wish him harm or label him a barbarian etc.

          Imagine you are a bread winner for the family and have borrowed heavily against your house to fund an enterprise which is all banked on your next harvest. Christmas is coming, your children are just starting school plus a tonne of other things going on. Now a shark enters the net and looks to put you on the verge of ruin. Unless you are in that situation its an easy choice for everyone to say just cut the net and let all the little fishes go. Basically that’s fantasy land, I wish it wasn’t, but it is.

    • Alison Hickman

      do any of u even realise the shark ate into the net from the bottom so hello why cut the net its already opened but the shark was trapped and i would love to see u ppl sit in the water with a very big angry shark no matter wat breed it was let alone try and relise it then hope u can swim faster than the angry shark can and then come back and let us knw if u would do the same thing again or not

    • David

      Loss of profitability is one thing and when talking about the kind of money at stake, yes a rather large thing, the fact that a large amount of ‘farmed fish’ breeding with local populations of ‘wild fish’ can lead to the degradation and even complete destruction of the local population of tuna, plus the flow on effect of the weaker farmed fish genes entering the wild population, well now that could lead to the complete collapse of the local small scale fishing industry leading to many broke, who knows, perhaps eventually homeless and starving families. But yeah, potentially loosing hundreds of thousands of dollars, destroying an ecosystem, job loss, local industry collapse, homeless and starving people, small price to pay for one shark to live……….

      Maybe next time just do a little thinking before judging someone? This guy works in the industry so is far better informed to make this decision than you or I. Feel free to have your own opinion however please be careful of spilling such nonsense on the world when your opinion is both invalid and uneducated…cheers.

  • iamhottsogivmea5

    they saw a big shark wanted to look cool , made up a wounded shark story so they can just kill it and look cool ! dose not anyone see that smile on his face!

  • fedupwithitall

    they are NOT becoming extinct

    they are widespread and easily found off of places like san franscisco. west australia. south australia, south africa, etc

    • Marius van Wingerden

      1) in any way they’re more extinct than we, humans, are. so let go that discussion.
      2) we know they’re not vegetarians and eat meat, like us. so let go the discussion if they ‘only bite’ or ‘completely eat’ us.
      3) we are getting in their house, they are not invading the land and our cities or whatever.
      E.g. if we decide that land-boarding in the planes of africa is fun, are we gonna shoot the lions because they might be hungry too??

  • Pete

    They killed it in cold blood. Read the article, it got into the tuna pen. They said there was no way to get it out, that means they didn’t want to damage there tuna pen to let the shark out. So they shot it. It didnt die and got aggressive, so he jumped in and killed it. Read the article before you post. They blatantly killed it. Humans should share earth with its wildlife, but no, we move into there world take over and if wildlife gets in our way we kill it. Instead of finding a way to live together. Hopefully future humans will have a better understanding of life then we do today

    • AE

      Perhaps you could demonstrate then how to get in a pen with a great white and play cuddles and kisses ? Yeah Right !

      • WALK

        plz go tell the shark your story to live together, especially when you are playing in the seawater with your wife and kiddies.

    • Jonjon Taka

      Good observation Pete. It was killed to protect their investment. In order words the tuna farm and its nets, nothing more, nothing less: Money. Obviously the diver won’t mention that, nor that they are always armed for such occasions and that it’s common practice for them to shoot dolphins and sharks that get in their nets and threaten their investment or paycheck. Sadly, this becomes a sensational scoop about heroism, when it should be investigated for what it is…

  • Mike Graham

    Thanks for the laugh guys. Your comments have cracked me up……………..To think this story could generate such excitingly innocuous commentary. Thanks again.

  • hisham

    I have seen a video about fishermen who beheaded a shark which was trapped in their net. They then said the real reason for killing sharks “It scare and scatter fish in the fishing zone, damage fishing nets”…I’m against killing a fish as long as it’s not dangerous to lives..but once it’s harmful to swimmers or surfers then it has to be killed…This article is about fishermen who killed a great white to save their business

  • Jabberwocky

    people… cows kill more humans per year than sharks, and they get killed all the time, why are you not crying for.the murderous cows?

  • rachael

    he started by saying he wasnt going to kill it and then went on to say that he had
    no choice but to kill it, seems like a publicity stunt to me.

  • Ray Sean Lumsden

    wrestled my ass. You cant wrestle a great white shark.

  • WALK

    did you know that sharkmeat and rhino horn has the same properties?

  • Tiana Moore

    So you had to kill it?

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  • diven dave

    id like to see what u bleeding heart pussys would do if you were face to face with 18ft great white with a spear gun in your hands id rather waste a endangered species than lose my life

  • Michael J. Lester

    yall really getting but hurt about this look at his face id be smiling too if id just killed a great white with a knife or whatever look that thing it is MASSIVE